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Having a lengthier time in bed with a woman is something that many men constantly long for. Sometimes however, they want a prolonged sexual intercourse for reasons that are wide of the mark. For example, most men want to feel as if they are sexual stallions and it gives them a good confidence in themselves. But this is not the reason why a woman would want a longer time while in the act. Most women will not be hot and bothered by the fact that a woman is a sexual stallion. What they really need is satisfaction even if it would take a small amount of time. When a woman is satisfied, time factor becomes irrelevant. The really big stumbling block however, to men, is satisfying the woman before you as a man gets satisfied.

There are several tips; however that can help a man please a woman and at the same time enjoy the sexual moment. Outlined below are these tips that will bring pleasure to both you, the man and the woman.

I.         Use of condoms – condoms when used during sexual intercourse helps to reduce the risks of pregnancies and also sexually transmitted diseases. However some men do not use condoms for various reasons. But do you only last for a few minutes and in most cases leave your woman dissatisfied? Then start using condoms. They help to remove or rather reduce over stimulation, due to their tightness around the penis thus an extended sex period. If on the other hand, you have been using condoms but do not last long, then you should consider buying special condoms that have got delaying cream. There is no conspicuous, rather noticeable difference other than the prolonged sex itself.

II.         Make her get an orgasm – before really having sexual intercourse with your lady, make her climax with other tricks such as the use of oral sex, fingers, or even sex toys. It is not a big deal on whatever it is that you use in order to really turn her on, as long as she gets pleasure from it. After that, go ahead and penetrate her. This will surely make her to reach her climax before you even ejaculate, thus no pressure at all on your side.

III.         Use of a cockring – This helps to reduce the amount of blood flowing to the penis. It is supposed to be placed at the very bottom of the man’s penis.

IV.         Squeeze technique – There is that place where the head of the penis meets with the shaft. Let the woman squeeze gently, when you feel that you are about to ejaculate until that urge disappears.

V.         The start and stop technique – When the drive to ejaculate hits you, withdraw until it passes away, then continue. This method however turns out to be frustrating to a woman.

These few methods will definitely give you and your woman the time of your lives, so why not use them?

The Best Male Vibrator Review 2014

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